Elvehjem (LVM) Elementary

What’s happening at LVM?

 Friday, April 7th Read-a-thon- volunteers will be needed all day to read with the students. Community support will be greatly appreciated!

Saturday, April 29: Adult Night Fundraiser at VFW including music and silent auction.

Tuesday, May 30- LVM Family Night at Mallards.

ENA “Adopts” LVM Elementary School

Elvehjem Neighborhood Association (ENA) is excited to announce that we have “adopted” Elvehjem (LVM) Elementary through the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools Adopt-a-School Program for the 2016-2017 school year!

We will be working closely with the LVM PTO and school staff to discover ways that we as a neighborhood can support the school and we will need YOUR help! We sincerely hope that this partnership opens the lines of communication between the school and the neighborhood and leads to greater community involvement and support of the school. Opportunities to get involved will be posted here on the ENA website as well as on our Facebook group and in the Echo Newsletter, please contact Jamie@elvehjemneighborhood.org for more information to sign up to volunteer!

Get Involved!

Box Tops! The PTO collects box tops as an ongoing fundraiser so start collecting and drop them off in the mailbox just inside the front doors of LVM Elementary or contact Cori at cori.vandekieft@gmail.com and she will be happy to turn them in for you.

Donation Drives!

  • Warm Winter Outerwear Drive in December- ENA will be collecting donations of warm winter outerwear to hand out to students in need.
  • Classroom Restock Donation Drive in February- By this time classroom supplies are dwindling or have run out; ENA will find out from the teachers what they need to get through the school year and ask for your help to restock the classrooms!

One and Done! Throughout the year there are several school and PTO sponsored events where additional volunteers are needed for a one time commitment.  As these events approach we will ask for volunteers from Elvehjem Neighborhood to help out.

  • Annual Book Fair
  • Spring Read-a-thon
  • End of the school year Field Day

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities! There are so many ways that Elvehjem Neighborhood Residents can donate their time and enrich the lives of students on an ongoing basis.

  • Become a Lunch Buddy and just eat with a student; there are students that crave this adult one on one attention and really look forward to these days.
  • Become a Reading Buddy and come in to read to or listen to a student read to you.
  • Volunteer to help out in a classroom or help a teacher with prep work for class projects or activities.
  • Do you have a skill or hobby that you would like to share with the students? Why not do a classroom demonstration?
  • Like to garden? Join the Garden Committee and help to plants, maintain, and expand the school garden.

To find out more about LVM Elementary School, you can visit their website here: https://lvm.madison.k12.wi.us/