About ENA

Founded in March 1968 and incorporated in December 1989, the purpose of the Elvehjem Neighborhood Association is to promote and improve our neighborhood community. The Association will provide a collective voice through our elected Board of Directors to our government agencies on civic opportunities and concerns. The Association will provide a forum for neighborhood communication and opportunities for social interaction.

With a population of 4165 (2010), Elvehjem Neighborhood occupies approximately 700 acres, stretching from East Buckeye Rd north to Cottage Grove Rd and from S Stoughton Rd east to Interstate 90.



Fun Fact: Elvehjem Neighborhood is named for Conrad Elvehjem, the 13th President of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. There is also a museum named after Mr. Elvehjem in downtown Madison.

To learn more about the Elvehjem Neighborhood, visit the Elvehjem Neighborhood page on City of Madison website or read the 2013 Elvehjem_Neighborhood_Association_Indicators.