ENA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration


Help us celebrate the Elvehjem Neighborhood Association’s 50th Anniversary!

As you may have heard, the 50th Anniversary as a Neighborhood Association is in 2018. To help mark this milestone, we are embarking on a pretty cool project! The ENA along with A Generations Project is creating a video documentary of the history of our fantastic neighborhood! Attached is a neat promotional video to get things started!


1. We need to raise money to fund the project!  You can donate through PayPal using the link below.

Contribute to our 50th Anniversary Project here:

2. Do you want to help?? I know there are many neighbors out there who enjoy studying local history and have a wealth of knowledge about our past. We’d love to have you help us!

3. Would you like to be interviewed, or know someone who would? Our neighborhood is fortunate to have many original homeowners who have photos, videos and other neat artifacts as well as stories to share. We’d love to hear them! We also want to capture the feelings newer families have for the future of our neighborhood.

Please contact Marilee Cronin if you’d like to contribute!