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Let’s Eat Out Food Cart Taste Test

Written By Audra Johnson from her house on Starker Avenue

I hope everyone has been enjoying the food trucks on Thursdays 5:30-7:30 p.m. Let’s Eat Out Madison on Buckeye Rd. I’ve personally tried three dishes as of now. That makes me an absolute authority on all food items all food carts have to offer (sarcasm). I do feel confident enough to share my opinions on the specific items I have tasted. So I’ll write a brief review and description of the food I tried, but I invite you to share what food cart items you would recommend to everyone as well. Hit Leave a Reply and tell us your suggestions!

1. Gili’s Panini’s – First a confession, my favorite thing in the whole world is a toasty turkey sandwich. So I ordered the Turkey Pesto Panini. It was warm, a little crunchy, melty cheesy with just enough pesto to give it a unique better-than-maynoaise taste. The best part about this panini is that it’s not messy, you could sit still or walk around and it won’t be all over your shirt.

Turkey Pesto Panini

Turkey Pesto Panini

2. Jakarta Cafe – Banana Bread Buns with Chocolate. This was a perfect dessert for my taste. I only ate one and saved the other one. It’s most similar to an empanada. The breading is like a pastry surrounding part of a cooked banana and inside the bread the banana is surrounded by chocolate. This is best served warm but not hot. You might find it difficult to stand/walk and eat but if you sit down and eat it with a fork you won’t spill it.

Stuffed Banana Bread

Stuffed Banana Bread

3. Fried & Fabulous – Here’s the Treat Yo Self or Cheat Day option. I chose the Shrimp Po Boy with Lemon Tartar Sauce and french fries. The sandwich bread was toasted just right with the right amount of sauce inside; not too much and not too little. I was happy with the taste of the shrimp, it wasn’t overwhelmed by the breading. I was expecting some flavoring on the french fries, but the only seasoning is salt. You’ll want to eat this hot, and eat it sitting down.

Shrimp Po Boy & Fries

Shrimp Po Boy & Fries


ENA First Blog Post


Welcome to the first blog post for the Elvehjem Neighborhood website! My name is Audra Johnson, I’ve lived on Starker Avenue for 8 years, and lived in Madison for 19 years. I plan to write monthly blogs about topics that are relevant and unique to our neighborhood. Hopefully, you’ll find the topics helpful and entertaining. You can expect the tone of the blog to be light and upbeat.

The idea for the blog came out of a neighborhood association meeting I attended at the beginning of May. I offered to select topics and write about them with input from all of you and the board. I’ll start the ball rolling by writing most of the content. But you could see guest bloggers in the future and quotes from residents.

In honor of David Letterman’s last days on TV, here’s a top 10 list you can relate to.

Top 10 Best Things About Living in Elvehjem Neighborhood2015-05-15 13.10.57

10. Walking or biking the Ellen & Starker Ave. hills is a handy free workout
9. Our ‘Song of Summer’ is what’s playing on the ice cream truck
8. The sight & sounds of kids playing at Elvehjem Elementary & everywhere else
7. Watching the community garden grow
6. Bragging about seeing the neighborhood fox
5. Kids can safely bike or walk throughout the neighborhood
4. Pretty trees!
3. Dairy Queen, Culver’s, Walgreens, Harley Liquor, and Metro Market are seconds away
2. We have 3 up-to-date clean parks to enjoy
1. Friendly neighbors who are happy to talk to you

What are your favorite things about the neighborhood? What did I forget?

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