Wisconsin Goes to the Movies

The 2016 Oscars are coming up Sunday, and to celebrate, I´m dedicating February´s blog to some famous movies set in whole or partly in Wisconsin. The titles I picked may or may not have actually filmed here on location. I included the original movie trailers for each of the titles too. I got the chance to be an extra in one of those movies, so keep reading to find out which movie it is.

I almost always host an Oscar party where I make a batch of macaroni and cheese, drink some drinks, and enjoy the show with friends. I’ve been hosting this Oscar Party for over 10 years now. I can’t be the only one who hosts an Oscar Party in the neighborhood, am I?

Movies Set in Wisconsin

The Great Outdoors -1988

This comedy classic was written by John Hughes and stars Dan Akroyd as Roman and John Candy as Chet. Two families from Chicago enjoy some time together at the fictional Pechoggin, WI resort on the improbably named Lake Potowotominimac. Look for the characters drinking authentic Point Beer!

The Deep End of the Ocean – 1999

Based on the novel written by Jacquelyn Mitchard who lives in Wisconsin. The story is about a 3 year old boy who disappears then reappears 10 years later. It turns out the boy and the family he was taken from have been living in the same town, Madison, WI the whole time. He’s been raised to believe he’s someone else and has to get to know his first real family all over again.

Public Enemies – 2009

The true story of John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) who escaped prison, robbed banks and led the FBI on a chase all over the state of Wisconsin in the 1930’s. I got to be a movie extra on this movie, dress up in vintage clothes, hang out on a set with Christian Bale and director Michael Mann. The bummer part is that I didn’t make the movie. But the experience was a once in a lifetime thrill!

Mr. 3000 – 2004

The late great Bernie Mac plays Stan Ross/”Mr. 3000”, an aging baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers who is trying to redeem himself after some bad public behavior towards his fans. This was shot at Miller Park in front of a real hometown crowd.

American Movie – 1999

This is a documentary about Mark Borchardt, a dreamer who does everything he can to scrape together the financing he needs to make a horror movie he calls “Covan”. The movie is not only about Mark but the people in his social circle like Uncle Bill and his best friend Mike. All the action takes place on the northwest side of Milwaukee.

There are many many more movies set in Wisconsin, but these are the movies I am most familiar with and like the best. So chime in and tell me which Wisconsin set movies are your favorites.

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